Society for Prevention and Fight against skin cancer “Melanoma in B&H” was formed 2011 as an NGO organization with the ability to carry on its activities in the entire country. Since then, this society was able to bring together doctors of various specialties from across the country in fight against most deadliest tumor in human pathology.

Society activities were initially conducted by dermatologists throughout the organization and implementation of Euromelanoma campaign.

Today, dermatologists, plastic surgeons, pathologists and oncologists from across the country successfully makes small but significant steps to improve the records, prevention, diagnosis and treatment of skin cancer. Doctors of all specialties in B&H dealing with this issue have realized the need for the existence of this Society as the only path to a successful fight against this fatal disease. Joint efforts in our daily work with patients, development of protocols and guidelines by European standards, withdrawal by the relevant institutions in the country and abroad are just some of the many activities of the doctors of the Society claimed responsibility.

We hope that similar Associations in Europe and World shell recognize us as serious partners in the future work.

Welcome to our Society!

Society Founders

Hana Helppikangas | Faruk Alendar | Samra Soskic | Alma Gavrankapetanovic